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Vo2 trustedkey
VO2 technology

VO2 Tech Card TrustedKeyTM

A trusted key is an object, physical or digital that is granted access to information for the purpose of sharing such as KYC or data or granted delegated authority for the purpose of initiating or approving payment.

Versatile, secure and low cost.

VO2 Card Wallet

The most affordable solution

A new card format that combines physical currencies together with the advantages of blockchain technology, making it the best way to own and manage your money.

  • + Affordable solution for banking the unbanked
  • + For merchant no need of terminal or POS
  • + Standard phone with QR code scanner
  • + Contactless payment solutions
  • + Consumers can tap and pay

vo2 wallet

VO2 Gold Card

Liquid gold is the a new gold product that links physical gold with the advantages of blockchain technology, making it an easy way to manage and own gold. Send, store, and receive liquid gold (digital gold).

VO2 Crypto Card

Lets you hold your cryptocurrencies in a physical card, keeping you in complete control, making it the most secure way to store your virtual funds. No need to convert, your crypto is exchanged as needed according to your liquidation preference.

Features highlight
VO2 compared to Prepaid Visa

Features VO2Tech Visa
Low Cost
Linked to multicurrency account or wallet
Interfaces with POS
Currency paid set by user through liquidation preference
Limits set by users for a card or a group of cards using WPayID. (Transaction, daily, monthly, yearly, and total limit)
Can be combined with a Prepaid visa, adding QR code and linking NFC to the WIN wallet
Easily branded to Merchant's design
Support payment and accounting for loyalty points on the same card
Support for crypto currencies and stable coins